IV Drip Clip


The IV DripClip makes it easier for people requiring medical care outside of a clinical setting
(I.V.s, peritoneal dialysis, feeding tubes, etc.) to
continue to lead flexible lifestyles.
The IV DripClip is a convenient and affordable alternative to awkward and expensive I.V. poles.
*patent pending* 

Thank you for visiting ivdripclip.com.  In the coming weeks, we will be unveiling our new Web site.
In the meantime, please feel free to contact us.


The idea for the IV Drip Clip originated from personal frustration and necessity.  In 2004 I was informed that my kidneys had failed and that I would have to begin peritoneal dialysis immediately. After settling into my new routine I was eventually ready to leave home for a short weekend trip.  My then-boyfriend (now-husband) picked me up, driving a small car.  We were barely able to pack my bag, four cases of dialysis solution and supplies into the car-- then came the clunky I.V. pole.  As ridiculous as it sounds now, attempting to fit that pole into a stuffed car was extremely upsetting to me.  It was the "final straw".  I did  peritoneal dialysis for a little under a year.  During that time I would try to find ways to support the dialysis bags without the I.V. pole.  Though I haven't done dialysis since 2005, the experience continued to be on my mind.   We developed the IV Drip Clip,  with the hope that we might make life for those with various medical needs a little easier,  more flexible and convenient.


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